Important On-Page SEO HTML Tags for Any Website

SEO Tags


SEO is important to the traffic and search rankings of a website in the search engine listings. Everyone knows that quality content and backlinks are the two pioneers of every SEO campaign, but due to the recent Google algorithmic changes, the site’s on-page has become a critical element to the success of any SEO campaign. Medialinkers SEO team shares some of the most important on-page SEO HTML tags you need to implement for any website:

Title Tag

Title is the most important tag in the list of On-Page SEO elements. It is displayed on top of website’s link in the search engines. Most SEO professionals suggest placement of primary keyword in the title tag of a website. The tag’s length must be up to 72 characters for the best results. For a web design website based in Atlanta such as Medialinkers, the best title could be Medialinkers | Web design firm in Atlanta.


Meta Description

Meta Description just below the title tag in a search engine is the second most important HTML tag for on-page SEO. The description offers a general information about a specific page of a site with inclusion of important keywords. The description needs to be between 100-156 characters for the best results.


Meta Keywords (Obsolete)

Meta Keywords are about the use of keywords relevant to a specific site. The tag used to be important element of the on-page in the past, but no longer affects the working of a site from SEO perspective in the Google search results. The only benefit of using it is to get to know about the relevant keywords a webmaster is targeting when taking over a SEO campaign.


Heading Tags

Heading tags are used in the body of an HTML page splitting the content into different sub headings for an easy readability.  There are 6 heading levels from heading one to heading six with heading one as the most important level from on-page seo point of view.  The importance of other heading tags is followed according to their numberings.


Image Alt Tags

Images are an important part of any page. Not only they grab users attention but also make a certain piece of information attractive in the user eyes. However, search engines including Google can still not read the content of an image. This is where the alt tag comes into the picture. It is used for describing an image. The description is shown against an image on hovering it. Also, the user can know about the context of image through the alt tag if a browser fails to load it on screen.


Ahref Tag

Ahref tag is used for linking a page to another page. For the on-page SEO, the tag is used for interlinking between the different relevant pages of a website. This helps to spread the link juice to all the pages listed under a website domain.


No-Follow Tag

A No-Follow tag is used for stopping the link juice to spread to another page that is linked to it.  Usually the tag is used in the footer links also known as site wide links and in the comments section to not let any commenter sneak away with the website’s link juice through commenting.