Google Releases Mobile Friendly Update Making It All the More Important

Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendly sites are becoming a norm due to the boost they get in the mobile search engine result pages. For giving publishers a way to provide mobile-friendly pages, Google has also announced to further boost the mobile friendly algorithmic effects, taking it one step further from what it was on April 21st, 2015. This means that the sites that are not mobile-friendly will decline in the search listings.

The basic idea here is to get a better search experience and for this reason, most of the developers are not focusing on the mobile pages to get the desired results. The algorithmic changes made by Google to boost the results in mobile-friendly results will roll out gradually to assess each page. The impact on your site also depends on how fast Google crawls and indexes the site pages.

  1. Page Loading Speed

Google has a strict obsession with speed and over the course of different months; it has also released another update known as AMP to make sites load fast on mobile devices. Google does not use the AMP as ranking signal at a given time, but it highlights the AMP pages. This means that the importance of using AMP pages will only increase overtime.  There are a lot of tools used by Google to figure out if a site is mobile friendly or not. Google’s Webmaster tools also feature a detailed section highlighting the mobile usability errors.

  1. What Is Considered Mobile Friendly by Google?

A website is mobile friendly if it meets the following criteria as per the requirements of its crawler:

  • Does not use software available on mobile devices
  • Uses text which can be read without zooming in
  • Resizes the text on screen so that users don’t need to scroll or zoom it horizontally
  • Spaces links so that the links can be tapped easily


  1. Benefits of Upgrading to Mobile Site

The above mentioned steps are still important if you are not interested in SEO, as you need to make an effort to work on your site. Even if you do not have to rely on mobile traffic from Google, improving a site’s performance will hurt in the long run. In case a site is already mobile friendly, you can still make the required improvements to make sure it is not affected by the update.

  1. If a Site is Not Mobile Friendly:

If a site is difficult to use on handheld devices then it will be penalized by Google and will decline in mobile search results.  This is recently announced by Google as well to improve the search results.

Without doubt, the mobile searches today are increasing with every day. It will only be a matter of time before the mobile use takes over other types of search mediums. This puts mobile searches at the important helm of the affairs.

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