5 Most Popular Material Design Web UI Frameworks in 2016

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Many designers and developers are experimenting with the material design ever since its introduction by Google. The objective of material design is to achieve  a consistent UI across all the platforms. The developers looking to develop websites and mobile apps with material design frameworks need to understand the underlying concepts of the material design first. Some of the helpful material design Web UI frameworks are shared below to help you get started:



Materialize is a responsive front-end framework which works on Material Design.  It provides an option of both CSS as well as source SCSS files to use in web projects. There are also files related to material design icons, JavaScript and Roboto Font.


Material UI

Material UI is another popular CSS framework which uses Google’s Material Design. It gives you components such as Buttons, Dropdown menu, buttons, Switches, Toolbar and more to work with. You can also find more resources about Material UI on GitHub.


Bootstrap Material Design

Bootstrap material design is packed with components and css files with the necessary material design guidelines. It is customizable which means you can build any type of layout to achieve any design by implementing some minor changes. Bootstrap Material Design offers the best features of Bootstrap and the Material Design. All the Bootstrap elements such as tabs, navbars, buttons, typography, progress bars, panels, sliders, ready to use layout, responsive CSS3 etc are dipped in material design.


Ionic Material

Ionic Material is an advanced framework used for building hybrid apps in HTML5. The framework is  open source and can be used for free by requiring a MIT license. The framework helps the hybrid app developers to focus on the development workflow while incorporating material design in their mobile apps. Ionic Material is one of the best frameworks to achieve out of the box UIs.


Angular Material

Angular Material available under the hood of AngularJS, is a complete framework that uses Google’s Material design. It offers customizable and well tested UI elements based on the material design concepts. Angular Material is also available under MIT license. The Web UI framework is maintained by the Google’s Angular framework developers following the material design guidelines.


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