3 Benefits to Using User Generated Videos

Visual content with videos in particular will define digital marketing this year. User Generated Videos provide a sundry approach to marketing, presenting a package of information in a short period of time. They have no doubt become a powerful too from entertainment to educating a message to target audience. Videos also are a powerful means to boost exposure and user engagement. Here is how adding user generated videos to a digital marketing campaign will benefit you:

  1. Provides a Lot of Shareability

We live in a digital world where everything from personal feelings to professional messages is shared through tweets, instagram images and Facebook posts. People share their opinions about anything, reaching out to the entire community within minutes. Whether it’s a bad or a good thing, this reality is surely something you need to be aware of as a business owner.

You also need to track the content being generated about your company. With the help of tool Mention, you can monitor the content that gets the most shares against your brand keywords and services. It works great for tracing videos and written content alike.

This is where the power of user generated videos seeps into the picture. Through the help of social media, any video imparting a positive message can go viral, bringing a huge following to your company. Through social media, you can also create competitions and organize contents to further engage your audience. When running a campaign to offer free supplies to users, video documenting the work of art encourages and motivates the consumers to promote your brand’s name out there.

  1. Grabs User Attention without Promotion

When a company promotes its own video, it may not be viewed by everyone. However, when people share a video saying check out this cool video, it ends up getting immediate user attention without promotion.  This user attention results in more sales and conversions. In short, brands gain a lot of positive attention through videos and convince users to become potential buyers without shoving the product down their throat.

  1. Builds Brand Trust

User generated videos present a unique and original take on a product. Consumers trust informative videos done without explicit promotion. This helps in establishing brand’s trust over time. As a brand marketer, it is your responsibility to get the word about your services out there.

There are a lot of opinions available which differentiate when it comes to promoting a brand through content, but everyone agrees on the fact that user generated videos offer a free marketing and publicity for a product. Due to the powerful impact of videos, about 78% of B2C companies are planning to launch user-generated content this year.

Even though UGC video can increase the negative exposure, but overall they offer a trusted insight into a brand’s reliability and integrity.

The videos help in boosting a brand’s image in the context of marketing campaign. So why not start taking them seriously for the betterment of your business.

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